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Printed Carrier Bags is a division of Polybags specialising in printed carriers. Polybags Ltd was established over half a century ago - 1961 to be precise - and has always specialised in producing first class polythene and polypropylene products at competitive prices.

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Let Polybags, exporters and manufacturers. Just occupy-out an RFQ form and beginning getting offers only from uniform suppliers.

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Promotional tote bags like these Green & Innocent jute bags are perfect for use in shopping. These  personalised carrier bags  are also optimal for giveaway goody bags at exhibitions or trade shows.

Ensemble is also advancing several other areas in marketing moving beyond pushed emails and printed mailers to utilising technology, data, analytics and automation to earn deeper insights into clients and prospects to act fast on those insights.

Printed Laundry Bags

Having printed laundry bags is a fantastic method of promoting your business whilst providing a certainly helpful product to your clients. Starting from as small as 9p per bag, our big plastic bags are guaranteed to be used again and again by your clients and they are so much more useful than a leaflet through the door!

From time to time, we take on special projects - from mounting used and/or other manufacturers' sidecars to building custom carriers, from wheelchair to coffins. Below are a few examples. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

What use do printed carriers have?

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Today, the innovation in technology improves the capacity of industrial manufacturing of printed carrier bags to satisfy almost the requirements of clients. Shapes, sizes are diversified from very small to big ones. The thickness of bags and decoration with lots of alternative colours, complex emblem can be adjusted flexibly to client’s wants with small higher cost.

Need a bag? A review of public policies on plastic carrier bags - Where, how and to what effect?

The plastic carrier bag epitomises plenty of the properties that have transformed plastics into a material that defines our contemporary modern culture. The versatility, durability, strength and low cost have manufactured it into an indispensable companion for consumers. In parallel with plastic becoming an increasingly contested material, the plastic carrier bag has emerged as a controversial object in plenty jurisdictions. This paper explores where, how and to what extent public authorities in alternative cases across the globe regulate plastic carrier bags. The number of public policies on plastic carrier bags has above tripled since 2010, and they are now found on all continents, ranging from the municipal to the intergovernmental level. They mainly come in the form of either bans or levies, with the former being predominant. There have been plenty examples of policies leading to reduced consumption of plastic carrier bags, nevertheless this paper also identifies key challenges, including resistance towards plastic carrier bag regulations, uncertainty in measuring the effects, and the undesired side-effects. Far from being a simple issue, public policies on plastic carrier bags highlight the complexity of governing plastics.

Polybags other products

Since 1999, the company has been trading online at Polybags.co.uk, where you can find a fantastic range of products, including:

Carrier bags
Carrier bags
With an extensive range of carrier bags of all styles, sizes and colours, Polybags have just the carrier to suit your product needs. From economy vest-style carriers to biodegradable bags to fashion and premium carriers and with a price to suit your budget, Polybags have it covered.
Polythene tubing
Polythene tubing
If you're packing items that vary in length or come in awkward shapes and sizes, then polythene tubing is just what you need. Dispensed off the roll so that you use only as much as you need, you simply cover the product, cut the poly tube and seal to create a bespoke bag, or you can tie, clip or seal both ends to wrap the item fully.
Waste bags and sacks
Waste bags and sacks
Whether you're at home or work, in the garden or just walking down the street, you're never too far from a bin bag. Polybags stocks a massive range of waste bags and sacks to cater for all of these bins and more, including biodegradable and compostable eco-bags and a range of specialist waste bags for disposing of things like asbestos or clinical waste.
Mailing bags
Mailing and courier bags
Lightweight, waterproof, strong and easy to use with a self-seal adhesive strip, mailing bags are ideal for postal or courier transit. Polybags has a huge range of products to suit your postage needs, including extra tough, tamper proof or personalised mailers to make your delivery look totally professional.
Presentation bags and retail bags
Presentation bags and retail bags
A range of smart, attractive packaging made from high clarity polypropylene film to make your products sparkle. Crystal clear retail bags and presentation bags will allow manufacturers to showcase their products in the most stylish way possible.
Grip seal and slider grip bags
Grip seal or self seal bags
Grip seal bags, sometimes known as self-seal, minigrip or gripper bags, provide a perfect storage solution for contents that require sealing away from leakage or contamination. A simple plastic seal allows quick and easy storage on a range of bags that cater for anything from tiny electrical components to important documents.
Plain polythene bags
Plain packing bags
A popular Polybags range, plain polythene bags cater for a variety of uses as they can be produced to any specification. Made in a range of sizes and thicknesses, these can come in handy if you want to cover furniture while moving house or you have a treasured print that you want to put in storage.
Bubble film and bubble bags
Bubble packaging
Protective air-cushioned bubble film available in sheet wrap or bag form, this packaging is ideal for storage or sending delicate items by mail, whatever their shape or size. Ready to use and available in a variety of sizes.
Environmental bags
Environmental bags
Polybags stocks a wide range of eco-friendly products that help towards a better environment, including carrier bags, bin liners and refuse bags. These Biodegradable or PolyBio bags and sacks are developed in laboratories in line with the latest research findings.
Garment and laundry covers
Garment and laundry covers
Protect clothes in transit with this extensive range of protective packaging, including laundry collection bags, duvet or linen covers and dry cleaning bags. Available loose or on the roll and in clear and pre-printed form, these garment covers will cater for your needs.
Specialist bags
Produce and paper bags
A range of produce bags for food retailers everywhere. Perfect for packing produce in markets, shops, delicatessens or food courts, this extensive range includes bags made from ultra-thin high density film, along with paper bags, take away carriers and shop counter polythene sheets.
Vacuum and netting bags
Vacuum and netting bags
Polybags stock a range of bags popular with both the catering industry and the farming industry. Vacuum packs - used for storing a range of cooked, raw or dried goods to prolong shelf life - are a key product in any commercial kitchen, whilst the strong mesh found in woven or netting bags are perfect for handling heavy loads down on the farm or in the market.
Plastic sheeting
Plastic sheeting
Wide plastic sheeting is the perfect way to cover and protect floors or items of furniture during renovation work. Often called builders rolls because they are a must-have accessory in the building trade, wide plastic sheeting folds out from a 1m-wide roll to a 2m- or 4m-wide sheet, to provide great protection for large surfaces areas from dust, debris, paint, plaster and more.